Maria is a landscape artist who works in two mediums: oils and dry pastels. She studied lanscape painting with several Ontario artists: Johannes Vloothuis (5 years), John Anderson,Roger Dubuis Replica Watches John Pryce. Later she worked with several artists from the Cape Cod School of Art: Susan Sarback, Luis Griffels and Camille Przewodek, who helped her to develope her impressionistic colorist style. During this time she was instroduced to a pallete knife - a wonderful tool that allows to create rich texture and loose details. In pastels Maria studied with Richard MacKinley and Lana Ballot. Maria spends a lot of time painting on location (en plein air). Her main subjects are trees, water, grass, rocks and sand. She is inspired by sun-lit scenes with vibrant colours and she tries to pass on this excitement to her viewers.